A informação – The information

Uma história nova. Ou um pequeno ensaio. Nossa batalha com a informação.

A new short story. Or a short essay about our struggling with information.

The samurai search for the garden of wisdom. But the forest of information gets harder and harder to cross. There are information and information about the information. 

There are information in different formats. Are they the same information?  There are information about the people who provide the information. Each information must be compared to you information. 

The information´s origin, your previous experience with it and its provider. It all affects your perception of it. There´s no space to take some distance, no time to contemplate. 

It´s impossible to see every leaf in the forest. And even if it was, the leaf exists only for a moment. The next moment, the leaf´s gone. It´s other. You´d have to see all the leaves, all the time.

The information wants to be touched, loved, to survive. Some open without you touching it. They whisper your name, say things…

Taken by the hands of information you see scenes from your past, promises to your future and offers for the present. They hold you as if they  didn´t want you to ever leave. 

The information loves you. It wants to be your best friend forever.



 A whole life could be spent studying just one information. And who is to say which one deserves to live? Meanwhile, the samurai and all of us are caught in the thousand arms embrace of information. The information is hungry. It wants to live and multiply itself. It feeds on your attention.

 If you look in the eyes of the beast, you´re lost. It has stories to tell, so much to say. What we say in our sleep is also information. We´re part of it and it´s part of us. But we don´t see ourselves. We´re sleeping.

Yes, we all build the information. 

We are the information.



12 thoughts on “A informação – The information

  1. Puta que pariu.

    Detesto definir uma coisa na base do palavrão, mas às vezes acho que vale como um koan (mal educado, vá lá, um koando-e-andando, mas um tapa-na-cara zen). É que não tem como definir mesmo aquilo que parece ter nascido pronto, redondinho, perfeito. Yes. This.

  2. gostei desse roteiro, odyr. eu sempre apareço aqui (mesmo quando não devo), dizendo sobre teus trabalhos. mas é verdade, gosto mesmo deles. é uma das únicas páginas que eu abri com regularidade nesse ano turbulento de vestibulares…

    il est. continue me atrapalhando nos estudos e trazendo informação : )

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